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Building learning communities

(Posted in on 2 September 2004)

Dear Friends,

Good day! Magandang araw sa inyong lahat! (In Filipino)

During the week of August 9-13, 2004 Allan Vera and myself attended the Tenth Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of Common Property in Oaxaca, Mexico. Our participation was sponsored by the IDRC and we attended a Pre-conference and Post Conference organized by IDRC to share and discuss the new thrust of IDRC’s ENRM Program Area. We also attended a meeting of the co-investigators, collaborators and partners of the “Governance Proposal” led by John Kearney.

During this time we renewed friendships and made new ones, picked up new ideas and affirmed our ideals for participatory, equitable and sustainable management of resources towards the empowerment of the poor. One powerful idea that emerged, blossomed and captured the imagination of many participants is the idea of “learning communities” i.e., the idea of building learning communities as an experiment in social learning.

LeaRN (Learning and Research Network) as a learning network for CBCRM mainly based in Southeast Asia has been experimenting with the idea of learning communities in generating and enriching the theory and practice of CBCRM. We would like to initiate an e-group discussion to learn how our friends and colleagues in the CBCRM/CBNRM community/movement in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean understand the nature of a learning community: how it works, how is it organized, and how is knowledge generated.

We would like to begin by sharing with you LeaRN’s conceptual framework of a learning community and how this has been applied in several contexts (click here).

We would like to invite everybody to share their experiences and ask questions. Allan and myself will moderate the e-group discussion and we have invited Jen Graham and John Kearney to assist us. Periodically, we will be requesting Raul Lejano, a Fellow of CBCRM Resource Center to summarize and synthesize the discussion.

OK then friends, let’s begin.

Elmer M. Ferrer
CBCRM Resource Center



Hi Elmer,

Its been a long time not see you. Do you remember me? I'm Taufik. Thanks for your offer to share experience about CBCRM in the blog. I want to inform you that I (with approval from Jaring Pela Members) have developed the similar blog as yours to share experience and information regarding marine and coastal issue. Please chekced at I'm sorry it is in bahasa. I also put your blog address to our blog link. I hope you can do the same to your blog.


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